Monday, June 28, 2010

Torch for Tomorrow

Written: Sunday, June 27th

Torch for Tomorrow by Christopher M. Bohan

Travis was taking a walk down memory lane with his high school yearbook. He was cleaning out the attic and the dusty hardcover was just begging to be opened. His wife and kids decided to take a break and headed outside for an Icey Pop on the back porch. Travis was determined to get the attic all packed up before dinner – the movers were coming in three days. But, the yearbook was too enticing.

‘Torch for Tomorrow’ was the title of the 1979 Valencia High School yearbook. Travis flipped to the index to find the pages on which he would find his former self – 31 years younger than he is today.

Instantly, he heard his footsteps in the corridor of the main building. He could smell the locker room. He could feel the rush of students between classes. He felt young and hopeful. Then, he found himself on page 42 – “Most Likely to Succeed – Travis Trammell.”

He never knew what that meant – until today. He heard his wife and kids playing in the backyard and he was happy. He was moving to a new town to start a new teaching assignment and he was excited. He had forgotten all about the ‘most likely to succeed’ moniker, probably because he was 'successful'. Whatever that means.

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