Thursday, June 17, 2010

Callahan "The Shriek"

Written: Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Callahan “The Shriek” by Christopher M. Bohan

Schwartz felt the zeal of his opponent as he entered the ring. It is as if his opponent were an electrical cord frayed at the end and alive with energy – snapping and sparking to and fro. If it were possible that zeal had a tangible feeling this was it.

Schwartz thought he felt a jolt of electricity as he parted the ropes to enter the ring. Callahan was slapping his gloved hands together and hopping about like a child eager to pee. Callahan liked to shriek – it threw his opponents off balance. Most boxers grunt or sneer, but Callahan made as if he were calling a pig to slaughter. It was horrifying.

Schwartz new he was going down in the third but began to feel as if sooner might truly be better than later. To hell with his payout, this guy was nuts.

Paul “The Night” Schwartz dropped his robe, gave the turnbuckle a head-butt and headed to the center of the ring where the shrieking Callahan was still hopping about and now punching himself in the head.

The ref gave the rules during which Callahan politely kept his shriek to a low whine – they punched gloves and headed to their corners – the bell rang – Callahan shrieked towards Schwartz – Schwartz tried to duck – Schwartz heard his nose break and felt his ears pop – the shrieking vanished.

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