Monday, June 28, 2010

A Boastful Breeze

Written: Monday, February 8, 2010

A Boastful Breeze by Christopher M. Bohan

A boastful breeze shook the Hot Dog Shack sending a puff of chalk dust into the air from where it quietly laid on the ridge of the menu board. Frank held his finger to his nose to suppress the inevitable sneeze that silently approached. Indeed, he hid sneeze, making sure to turn away from the relish tray which he just finished stocking with fresh chopped onions and his famous homemade relish.

Another boastful breeze threatened to send his napkin stack afloat, if not for the carefully placed heavy, metallic hot dog replica which lay upon them.

Another boastful breeze, this time from the opposite direction, sent the aroma of Frank’s hot dogs down along the beach and across the nostrils of one Betty Tornsmith. She was overcome with the craving for one of Frank’s famous franks.

Two weeks of dieting and exercising deserved some sort of reward, yes? Twelve pounds in two weeks! Surely, one hot dog would not hurt. Two extra push-ups a day would be a good trade. So, she slipped on her flip-flops and flip flapped over to Franks.

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