Monday, June 28, 2010

Cartoon Stars

Written: Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cartoon Stars by Christopher M. Bohan

Colin came flying though the plate glass window. His left hand pierced the glass coffee table as his right foot sent the potted palm crashing to the floor. He came to rest with his head touching the cool linoleum of the kitchen floor and the rest of his body lounging on the floor of the den.

Stars were floating above his head. They were dangling from the ceiling of the den. For a moment, only for one moment, did Colin think they were cartoon stars – like Sylvester would see when hit in the head. But soon, he realized they were, indeed, actually actual stars. He grabbed one of the stars and yanked it down – its grasp on the ceiling was rather tenuous.

As he made his way to his feet he heard a child yell and the approach of a screaming siren. He maneuvered his way back to the window from which he made his entrance – careful not to touch any of the furniture with his now bleeding right hand.

His motorcycle was lodged between an enormous ornamental rock and a Buddha statue. Somehow, the throttle was still engaged and the rear wheel was spinning with delight. The child, now standing in the center of the lawn, said, “Cool!”

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