Friday, June 18, 2010

The "Sarah"

Written: Thursday, June 17, 2010

The “Sarah” by Christopher M. Bohan

Carl was extremely excited about the opening of his new deli “Carl’s”. He especially loved the way his name looked in neon. He always had a feeling it would look good, but seeing it now it seemed as if his name were destined to be immortalized in neon.

Carl had thought of naming the deli after his late wife, Sarah, but she was a modest woman and wouldn’t have wanted all the attention. Besides, her life insurance policy helped to make Carl’s lifelong dream come true and that would be all the satisfaction Sarah would have needed.

Sarah passed peacefully in their home six months ago with her darling Carl at her side. One of the last things Sarah said to Carl was that he should take the insurance money and build his deli. Carl tried to brush it off, but she insisted. She said the world should taste those delicious sandwiches that he made her everyday of their 35 years of blissful marriage.

Sarah had worked as a tollbooth attendant on the turnpike for 30 years. Everyday she looked forward to opening her lunch and discovering Carl’s newest creation. Sarah would savor the whole sandwich and when she finished she would name the sandwich. Her favorite was the “Whippersnapper”. All of the sandwiches on the menu at Carl’s were named by Sarah; except for one. For the lunch after Sarah’s funeral Carl made turkey paninis with provolone and pesto with a roasted red pepper aioli on the side for dipping. It’s called the “Sarah”.

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