Thursday, July 8, 2010


Written: Thursday, July 1, 2010

Literally by Christopher M. Bohan

“We have the place surrounded!” rang from the bullhorn, which gave it a deep and authoritative tone. “Come out with your hands up and no one gets hurt!” The police did, indeed, have the place surrounded and were poised to move in at the drop of a hat, literally.

Johnny Whitherspoon, the mole on the inside, was wearing a brown pork-pie hat and if anything felt off to him he was to remove the hat and drop it on the floor. The hidden camera would relay the signal to the captain and he would give the order to storm the castle, literally.

The drug deal was going down in an abandoned Medieval Times restaurant. Doug “the Rooster” Koch had been doing his deals here for years and never saw this day coming. He was furious. “When I find out who ratted me out the shit is going to hit the fan, literally. I am going to cut you up and throw your pieces and shit at a fucking fan. I’m looking at you Pork-Pie!”

Whitherspoon was freaking out. He took his hat from his head and let it fall to the ground. Within seconds, Medieval Times came back to life, literally. A mob of policeman used an old telephone pole to bash through the wooden gate allowing a throng of mounted policeman to descend upon the arena. An epic battle of courtly proportions ensued.

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