Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jefferson and Sons

Written: Friday, July 2, 2010

Jefferson and Sons by Christopher M. Bohan

Severe cuts to the work staff at Jefferson and Sons Lawn Care have left it pared down to only Jefferson and Son. Times are tough in this time of mild post-recovery re-recession. When the first wave of the recession was at its lowest it was down to just Jefferson. But then, a few months back when the recession was making a mild post-recession recovery Jefferson was able to add two sons back onto the staff, thus making the name, Jefferson and Sons, legit.

But now, with the mild post-recovery re-recession recovery in relapse Jefferson has had to re-fire his youngest son, Reginald. His middle son, Regan, decided to return to the IRS where he audits tax returns on a full time basis, and therefore, no longer requires employment from his father. Rupert, the eldest son and consequently the only son still employed by Jefferson and Sons Lawn Care, is happy for the work.

Reginald collects unemployment and hopes one day to return to Jefferson and Son(s). But, there are fears the mild post-recovery re-recession might take a turn for the worse and could possibly become a double-dip post-post re-recovery recession, or possibly, the dreaded triple-scoop deep depression.

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