Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Fox

Written: Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Fox by Christopher M. Bohan

“Friday is a good day. Let’s make it Friday. My bridge club usually wraps up around 3:30. So, can we meet around 4? Great. I’ll see you there. Oh, wait! Sorry, one more thing. Should I bring the chicken? Okay. No? I’m sorry. I forgot. The chicken stays at home. Ugh! This is so confusing. I am so sorry. I bring the ferret…fox, yes, fox, I’m sorry. And, it’s forty? Yes?

Please don’t get so angry with me, young man. This is my first time. My husband used to take care of all of this, but since his stroke and triple bypass he can only nod his head a little and blink his left eye and the signals tend to get a little mixed up. So, give an old lady a break, eh?

Excuse me? Is that how you want to play the game little boy?

Now, the fox will cost you fifty G’s. I may be new at this but I have been listening to my husband push you poodle for thirty years and I picked up a thing or two. And, you talk back to me again and I say your name and address on this here phone call.

You think I’m joking? Now it’s sixty for the fox. Cash. This fox is Peruvian and it is sly. You cool with that, Ricky? Oops. Yeah, I thought you’d be cool with that. See you at the fox den. And don’t forget to bring the alligator.”

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