Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fish and Crab by Christopher M. Bohan

Written: July 13, 2010

Fish and Crab by Christopher M. Bohan

Gargantuan rocks rained from the sky and littered the pristine stillness of the lake with colliding ripples that reached from shore to shore. Waves from the ripples clawed at the shore pulling small rocks, shells and dried timbers back into the shallow waters at the edge of the formerly sanguine bath.

Fish and crab clamored about, fleeing for safety only to find new fears where there were none before. Or, for as long as a fish and crab could remember.

As quick as the cascading projectiles had begun, sprung from seemingly nowhere, they ceased. The fish and the crab continued their frantic fray unawares of the calmed seas surrounding them. Then, all at once, they ceased their scattering and raised their gazes to the ceiling of the sea in anticipation of another shower of portly projectiles.

Silence surrounded them in an anxious hush. One fish blinked. One crab pinched his pincher. Then, a small pebble broke the surface and pushed its way to the bottom and all the while the fish and the crab remained perfectly still.

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