Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Cartographer by Christopher M. Bohan

Written: July 19, 2010

The Cartographer by Christopher M. Bohan

“The cartographer has fallen down the hill!” Sergio was overcome with a mixed- breed of emotions as the words tumbled from his mouth.

The wind was sweeping through the valley at a considerable rate, apparently riding a rush it must have inhaled passing through the grove of coffee bushes further down the valley, and apparently knocked the cartographer, Graham Peabody, off his feet. Peabody was charting the territory for the Madewell Trading Company and often lacked a sense of balance, even in the calmest of weather patterns.

Peabody was still rolling down the grassy hillside as a small group of hysterical children heeded Sergio’s call and were gathering to watch the mapping man fall head over heels. Their laughter pushed them to the ground and almost succeeded in sending them into the same foray that coerced their exuberance.

The children could not hear, over their laughter, Peabody shout in pain as one of his pencils stabbed him in the right butt cheek and sank two inches into his flesh. The next tumble broke the pencil in two leaving the two-inch piece submerged inside Peabody. Had the children seen the pencil protruding from Peabody’s posterior they would have peed their pants with pleasure.

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  1. i would have peed my pants in pleasure from the pencil in peabody's posterior.