Thursday, October 21, 2010

You're Lucky You're Cute by Christopher M. Bohan

Corinne made a left turn onto Mulberry Street, put the car in neutral, turned the car off and drifted about 500 yards before coming to a stop in front of Cecilia's house.

"Shit!" she exclaimed, in a hushed breath, noticing she had forgotten to turn off the headlights. She saw Cecilia's bedroom lamp click on and off, twice, and knew that the coast was clear. She got out of the car and made her way around to Cecilia's backyard, where she found Cecilia's father sitting in a patio chair smoking a cigarette and laughing a little bit.

Corinne froze.

Mr. Turk spun around in the chair - like a super-villain would do in a James Bond film - and spoke with a cackle, "Hello, Corinne. One: If you are going to sneak up to my house, don't park out front. And two: Don't forget to turn off your headlights. You're lucky you’re cute. A little slow, but cute.”

Cecilia came out the back door and whispered, "Corinne?"

Mr. Turk, spinning around in his chair to face Cecilia, answered, "She's right here, honey. So, where you girls going tonight?"

Cecilia froze.

All was quiet, except for the sound of someone getting out of the pool; Corinne's father.

He spoke as he toweled off, "Come on sweetie, let's go. Thanks for the call, Turk.”

Corinne’s father took the keys from her shaking hand and said, “You didn't leave the headlights on again, did you? How many times I gotta tell ya ‘Turn off the headlights!’ You’re lucky you’re cute."

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