Friday, October 29, 2010

Atop Mount Eversplash

Atop Mount Eversplash by Christopher M. Bohan

The line to the top of the waterslide seemed endless: heads and inner tubes as far as the eyes could see. Every five seconds the blur of a human being would zip past and a second later their scream of delight would come chasing after them.

A little math, and some generous averages, told Chet it would be at least 40 minutes to the top of Mount Eversplash, but the shouts of glee emanating from the shoots indicated that the arduous ascent might just be worth it. Chet had no one to talk to, no cell phone to hide behind. He felt rather uneasy in groups, and therefore focused on the ride, envisioning the freedom he would soon enjoy.

Never the rebel, or even a rabble-rouser, Chet shed his docile coat today and called in sick - something he had never done before - and made his way to H2-Normous Water Park for a self-inflicted kick in the pants. Chet needed to add a little spice to his life, and this was just the ticket.

Finally at the top, he surveyed the snaking shoots and let out a primal scream that silenced the crowd, for a moment. Then, in a conscious echo, the entire crowd let out a howl. Chet hit the slide and never looked back, trusting that his excitement was following close behind.

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