Thursday, October 21, 2010

Brand New Year by Christopher M. Bohan

"Hey, Jill. Hi. Yeah, so, I just purchased my Toy Story 3 IRA from Nike Bank and was thinking of picking up a 7-Eleven Big Gulp down at Bank of America Plaza. Wanna join me? Well, I was thinking of parking in the Nextel Parking Lot next to Frito-Lay Hospital. Well, yeah, I guess it would be quicker to just take the Subway Subway. Should I get off at JC Penney Junction, or AT&T Universe? Sure, yeah, that's right, I could just take the Taco Bell Trolley to Cabbage Patch Street, transfer to the Banana Boat Bus and get off at EZ Pass Plaza...They have a 7-Eleven there, yeah? That's right, it is on the upper level...So, I’ll just take the East Coast Pizza Elevator, or the Dunkin Donuts Escalator. But then I gotta get home, because my sister is going off to school tomorrow. She’s going to Pizza Hut Tech. Yeah, it used to be Penn State. She'll be studying in the GE College of Electrical Engineering. She was going to go to Pfizer, in California, but she thought she might get too homesick. Alright, I gotta run. See you at 7-Eleven. Say, you still want to go the Starbucks Shore this weekend?"

Written: July 31, 2010

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