Tuesday, September 28, 2010

She by Christopher M. Bohan

She by Christopher M. Bohan

She ripped through the sky clawing at Mother Nature with the ferociousness of a tiger and the gentleness of a cashmere sweater. Behind her she dragged a consortium of stars and galaxies no longer undiscovered and set them at her feet with a 'humph' and a primal, silent scream that revealed a throat filled with wonder and love.

She stretched her consciousness and shielded her bust from the chill of the atmosphere. Gracefully, she unzipped her will and stepped out into her recently unknown world, punched delirium in the face and settled into an inquisitive state.

The fight was not over. Once she regained, or originated rather, her sense of self she began her horizontal ascent towards the treasure she sought slowed only by the stars and galaxies still attached to her heel. She set them free without regret as she latched onto life with a clenched fist, a wonder of beauty and the pleasure of a smile.

Written: July 29, 2010

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