Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sally’s Backyard

Fantastical ferries with fists of fancy descended upon Sally Studebaker’s backyard in a flurry of stardust and the aroma of lilac lollipops and honeydew gumdrops. Sally's imagination was hijacked by the renegade band of mystical marauders and magical mayhem ensued. Sally's rather stark surroundings - a veritable wasteland in the arid, sterile city - were transformed into a surreal wonderland that only Sally could see.

A half-dead tree missing a quarter of its branches became a majestic castle, a rusty Pinto its gate. A plastic milk jug, hanging on the highest branch, became an imprisoned Knight, a soldier in distress. The landing 747 – it's approach directly over the yard - became a fierce dragon guarding the castle. A discarded and embarrassed umbrella became her sword, and a broken branch from the tree, her horse. A grocery bag flew across the yard and was caught by one of the branches near the milk jug and became the waving scarf of the handsome Knight, whose scream sounded a lot like the whistle of the freight train passing behind the fence.

Sally scaled the castle wall, defeated the castle guards - a trash can and a clock radio - and rescued the Knight just as another fierce dragon breathed overhead, which caused Sally to lose her grip and fall from the castle.

Sally awoke, flat on her back, on top of the Pinto, with a milk jug in one hand and the faint taste of honeydew gumdrops in her mouth.

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