Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cold Ones by Christopher M. Bohan

Written: July 22, 2010

Cold Ones by Christopher M. Bohan

A day spent tanning hides left Stan’s arms sore and rubbery. His back didn’t feel that great, either. He had remnants of hide under his fingernails, in his hair and some had even settled in the cuffs of his Wranglers. The temperature outside was hotter than hell and the relief of shade only decreased the temperature to hot as hell.

Stan plopped down into the swing on the front porch with a cold glass of ice water and a cold beer. He took a sip from the ice water and then poured the remainder on his crotch. He cracked open the beer and drained its contents in one thirsty gulp. He wanted another beer, but decided to wait till the ice cubes on his crotch had fully melted before he rose to make his way to the kitchen.

After a few seconds, he rose and went though the front door towards the kitchen. In the den, Auntie Rose was watching “Hollywood Tonight” on the television. Stan overheard the story of a millionaire movie star whose wife had left him for another woman. Auntie Rose was astonished and let out a dramatic gasp.

Stan decided to take two beers and went back out to the front porch, sat on the swing, and looked forward to another day of tanning hides.

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